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The Illinois Rock & Roll Museum on Route 66 brings you a short story of a Chicagoland Iconic Musician who has had a long stellar career and going strong to this day! A full bio will be featured in our Wiki site being launched SOON!

Michael Tafoya is one of the Midwest's most popular and accomplished musicians, guitarists, songwriters, and performers. Most for his Powerhouse windmill swinging guitar playing power cords. In the mid 70’s Mike joined with some neighborhood buddies in a St. Charles Illinois based band “The Boyzz From Illinois“ which landed a deal on Epic records. Featuring Dirty Dan Buck (Front man), Anatoly Halinkovich (Keys), Dave Angel (Bass), Kent Cooper (Drums), & Gil Pini (Guitar). But now! In 2021! He is doing the same guitar POWER MAGIC, but you add Mike's two bandmates to the mix, Craig Cederholm (Percussion-Vox) and Leslidiana F. Biocic (Bass-Vox), which Mike proudly calls "TAFOYA"! What you have is a combustible Rock 'n' Roll show and performance that will have you dancing and singing and remembering the show weeks and months after you have seen it. It is a one-of-a-kind rock performance. Great music, great presentation.

Mike plays guitar, lead singer and bandleader along with Craig, and songwriter for TAFOYA the band.



Michael first gained international attention with recording artists The Boyzz, as they released their album "Too Wild to Tame" on Epic Records in 1978. Unfortunately, due to personal & direction differences, the Boyzz broke up in 1980.

After being a part of a few major national bands from the area besides The Boyzz, in early 80' his next venture was another national success! In search of greener, creative pastures, Michael formed "The B'zz", also Epic recording artists. "The B'zz" featured Tommy Holland (Holland "Wake Up The Neighborhood"), Steve Riley (W.A.S.P. and L.A. Guns), Dave Angel (The Boyzz) and Anatoly Halinkovich (a.k.a. Tony Hall) The Boyzz, "America's Most Wanted" The band went on to make an appearance on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, making history being the only unsigned act to perform in the show's 35-year run. Then, they filmed a video for MTV, "Get Up, Get Angry”

The Boyzz toured the country and found many creative differences which lead to the breakup, all while writing music prolifically, Michael went on later to form the band “Tafoya & Angel” (T&A) with ex Boyzz bassist Dave Angel, along with locally known Singer Trace Zabar (Casinova), and Pete Pigonas on drums (Hammeron).


In the late 90's Mike reunited with Bzz singer Tommy Holland & Gregg Potter (Buddy Rich Band Drummer) in the band “Raw Dogs.

In early 2000's, after some time off, he decided to go on to start his own band bearing his name starting with "Tafoya's Lost Boys". Mike took on ALL the duties of guitar, singing and writing music. Basically complete front man for "Tafoya's Lost Boyzz”. He found himself going back to the Boyzz slamming style sound.


There were a few different versions of "Tafoya’s Lost Boyzz". While at this time Mike also worked with ex Boyzz Bass player Dave Angel's Ravesong Records. Michael also did a short span playing with Alain Quinn, Bruce Gordon, Ted Aliota & The Cave Dwellers. Mikes long time honorable respected reputation gained him the opportunity to join on stage with some of the BEST Chicagoland & National musicians such as Jimy Sohns, Cliff Johnson, Michael Angelo Batio and David Shankle to mention a few!


Mike took some time off and moved south to pursue some other music opportunities. Eventually returning to Chicago where he put together another band with himself at the helm once again! Song writer, only guitar player & lead vocal front man. After a few personal changes, Michael found what he feels is the BEST PRO LINE UP: Craig Cederholm Formerly of SoulPatchMonkey on drums & lead vox along with Mike, and his final addition the Ultimate Rock Female Leslidiana F. Biocic (aka Lesli). The Bands name is simple but to the point “TAFOYA”. Which they are playing all over the Chicagoland circuit, up to the Pandemic which has crippled the music industry everywhere. In the current TAFOYA, the band mates all complement one another to produce a Rock 'n' Roll experience that is unique, professional, fun, and explosive in rock's best sense.

Here is Mike's response to the question: "How are you spending your time while not performing live indoors on stage and what are you most looking forward to when you can?"

Mike: "I know I've been super fortunate being able to play. Even during the big 'lockdown'. Among playing outdoor gigs, we have been doing the Facebook live broadcasts since then. Since June, here is a live TAFOYA link! Playing for people around the region...not big crowd's but appreciative folks with "big ears" meaning they are listening and participating with us as we do our music. That is a very cool thing!

"We're asking folks to please be considerate and practice the safe social distancing practices so we all can get out in front of the pandemic.

Our future hope is to make this issue a thing of the past. Oh, and continue playing for more people and larger groups to crowds.

NOTE: In 2019 Michael Tafoya, Dirty Dan Buck, & Gil Pini (Three Original Boyzz Members), along with Chicago’s own pride on the drums Gregg Potter, One of the Boyzz keyboard player Jimmi Perino, & Ashley Victoria’s bassist Richie Pawlak, honored us with a Boyzz reunion at a benefit at Brauerhouse for a memorial of a long time musician/ sound eng.John Espisito.

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